YOU PEOPLE. Jessica and I gave thanks for every last one of you this year before we feasted, because we feel lucky to have you in this community — whether you’re a new, occasional, or longtime reader, someone who avoids the comments completely, or someone who comments regularly. You are all part of this team and we love it.

And you’ve supported us unconditionally over the years, through three novels and the associated brain freezes we get. I cannot convey how lucky that makes us, but there is one thing I can do: make it your turn.

The above has nothing to do with anything, EXCEPT: Ron Swanson is great, and so are you. AND, Ron Swanson is a master woodworker, and many of you are masters at things you don’t tell us about because we’re all too busy talking about clothes, debating the relative merits of Kate Middleton, or talking about Idris Elba who is akjfheg ;qjh Ahem. Sorry. I swooned.

Anyway: In the comments of this post, BRAG IT UP. I got this idea from Fug Nation commenter Machiamellie, who wondered if it would be kosher to link to some soaps she makes in our Gift Guide comments. It was, but also, link to them here! Do you make something, sell something? Is there something you did at work today — or this year — that you are SUPER proud of and/or which loudly kicked a whole bunch of ass? Tell us. Did you write something that makes you happy? Share it, link to it, whatever. Let us all give you the group hug that Fug Nation has given me and Jessica so many times.

And remember, be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do.

Ready, set, BRAG.

** I’m trying to go through and post bolded responses to people’s links, so they’ll jump out at anyone scrolling quickly through the many comments– but please, people who haven’t commented yet but plan to: Go ahead and add the tags so that we can all see your stuff! I don’t want to accidentally miss anyone! Plus, it’s the holidays, and we’re all doing gift shopping; can’t hurt to let us know what wares are out there that are made by small business owners we care about, or what donation opportunities there are to lesser-known charitable organizations. Pimp thyself in BOLD, y’all. Just put <b> in front of what you want bolded, and </b> at the end of it.