These two seem to have been the only ones who went with Nude And Shiny at the amfAR Gala, and I love a mighty duel, so why not pit them against each other? I trust everyone is holding their swords in their dominant hands, ladies. Let’s make it a fair fight.

Lea’s Versace is about as basic as it comes. And if it had continued as it began, we might be throwing her in with the lightbox dump and saying, “Sure, why not,” because it would be slinky and pretty if not a world-enflamer. But that dumpy milky-tea-colored fabric at the bottom is like an admission of defeat. By someone. SOMEBODY stopped caring. Brown paper bags are for malt liquor, not legs.

January, at least, has nothing in common with Colt 45:

January Jones in Tom Ford

But it does look like she spilled something searing all down the front. This is a waste of a good head. Maybe THAT is the thing she has in common with Colt 45?

I'm going to make you pick.

  • January's is better (17%, 820 Votes)
  • Lea's is better (55%, 2,740 Votes)
  • You can't MAKE me pick. I WON'T DO IT. (28%, 1,388 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,948

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