These are just some of the fashion highlights from South By Southwest, but the most important thing to know: Betty Gilpin screened her new show with Damon Lindelof, Mrs. Davis, and it sounds like the amazing result of spinning a wheel of chaos. Betty plays a ____ who is determined to ____ an all-powerful ____, and words that got picked were ROGUE NUN, DESTROY, and AI, and oh yeah, there’s a Holy Grail and Margo Martindale as Mother Superior:

Peacock is smart: I already was in because of Poker Face, and now I’m staying in for sure.

[Photos: Errich Petersen, Frazer Harrison, Michael Loccisano, Chris Saucedo, Amy E. Price, Gary Miller, Daniel Boczarski, Diego Donamaria, Amanda Stronza/Getty Images for SXSW, Maggie Boyd/PictureGroup for Hulu/Shutterstock, Stephen Lovekin, Suzanne Cordeiro/Shutterstock]