This pairing is going to make for an amazingly raunchy limited-run comedy series where these two play mother and daughter on the run from the law after Joan embezzles sixty million dollars from the cosmetic company she founded but was pushed out of via a hostile takeover on the part of Tilda’s ex-husband (Taylor Lautner). It will obviously end in a face-off atop the London Eye, which Joan and Tilda will ultimately escape thanks to the fact that they will be wearing FABULOUS CAPES that double as parachutes. Waiting to fish them out of the Thames will be Joan’s love interest (Chris Evans) and Tilda’s new paramour, a sexy hacker who helped them get away with all of it (Kristen Stewart). At the end, the Queen will pardon them both on all counts because, she says, “Joan designed the only lipstick we deign to wear.” ROLL CREDITS.

[Photo by Jo Davidson/SHM/REX/Shutterstock]