Few things in this teetering world are as steadying, as consistent, as Noomi Rapace’s dress sense. And by that I do not mean that she looks the same all the time. Rather, it’s that she can always be counted on to BLOW IT OUT in weird and wild ways, some of which are beautifully bizarre and some of which are just bonkers. This honestly might be both at once. It looks like a sea creature died to make this outfit, but also, those ruffles sit in place stunningly. They’re big where they need to be, lie cooperatively flat where they’re asked, and have given way to precise pleats that are sitting there on the carpet like a campsite of perfect tiny tents. Is this a jellyfish giving birth to a human? Yes. But does it look artistically amazing? I think it might.

'Django - The Series' screening, 17th Rome Film Festival, Italy - 16 Oct 2022

It is perhaps more funny than fantastic in motion, but that’s okay. That’s fine too. We need funny. We need fantastic. We need THIS. In other words, if I might borrow from a noted bard: When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Noomi comes to me, wearing wicked nonsense. LET ME SQUEE.

[Photos: Maurizio D’Avanzo/ipa-agency n/Shutterstock]