The TCA handed Sarah Paulson a well-deserved award for playing Marcia Clark, in a category that was not separated by gender, which I think is really cool and interesting. It was listed as ‘Individual Achievement in Drama’ and then also in comedy, which Rachel Bloom won, which means the ladies are shutting it down right now. (I also need to point out that my sister and her husband are addicted to My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and I had a super endearing conversation with him about how great it and Rachel both are. MEN: DO NOT RUN FROM OSTENSIBLE CW LADYSHOWS, because they just might be CW Everyoneshows.)

AHEM. Anyway. Sarah Paulson is wonderful.

But Sarah Paulson’s dress is sniffing glue under the bleachers again, hoping no one has noticed it ditched Social Studies and buying old term papers off the Internet.

She knows how to suck me back in, though:

Paulson, you scamp. You know we can’t resist specs. They are the Olympic Swimmers’ Abs of accessories.

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