I don’t really LIKE having to list everything that’s happening in an outfit, but often it HAS to happen so that I can confirm we are truly seeing what I think we’re seeing. So fire up your eyeballs, Fug Nation:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this APPEARS to be a pair of pants, one leg of which is slit to the thigh, with a wrap skirt over it. They are, essentially, a formal skort on growth hormones. So… formal skants? Apt, as the soundalike “askance” is how I am looking at them. The color of the top is too close to the pants to not be exact — either you’re matching, or you’re not; you need at least a LITTLE acreage in between — and of course there’s a choker, and suddenly she’s the lounge act aboard the S.S. Auf Shore, a Project Runway immersive-experience cruise.

[Photo: Getty]