This party was called The For Love & Lemons Annual SKIVVIES Bash.

NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY. I realize these are made BY the company, but… from what I can tell, the only other people on the red carpet who decided to go in this direction were people I’ve never heard of, and then the girl who was Coco Rocha’s contestant in her season of The Face (I feel like Coco would be like, “Girl, my whole career is about how you can make a statement without going down Skivvy Boulevard”). And then Christa B. Allen, who wore this:

But that’s actually a pretty base, with lamentably low lining (seriously, if you’re going to do the visible bra thing, wouldn’t you at least pick a CUTE one?). Oh, JENA. You were fun in Catching Fire, and now, that’s what I hope happens to your outfit.

[Photo: Getty]