Things I know about the new Spider-Man movie:

a) It’s apparently really fun and good.

b) Laura Harrier’s part is larger than Zendaya’s — I just learned this from some of you! — which you wouldn’t guess from the way the media has been covering these events, including me, simply because Zendaya is currently more famous than Laura is (and also super charismatic). Rumor has it that they’re both excellent.

c) The aforementioned is great news, because it makes me think that it will lead to Laura perhaps being styled a little more carefully in the future. This is custom Calvin Klein, and I just…feel like it should be better, given that. Comparing her to Zendaya is unfair because Zendaya’s partnership with stylist Law Roach is an exceptional melding of star and stylist, but even throwing that out the window, I just…wish someone had given Laura different shoes, basically.

d) And this might be one of those looks that sings in person and doesn’t translate perfectly in photos, but long-sleeves and red velvet feels a little….seasonally confused to me.

e) Essentially, one look should not cause me to employ so many ellipsis.

[Photo: Getty]