I was JUST thinking about Anna Kendrick. She’s in the new Paul Feig movie — with Blake Lively — and I hope it’s good, because she’s also in Trolls 2, and I know celebrities love to do voice work because they don’t have to go on a diet or spend a bunch of time in makeup, and we all have bills to pay so cash those checks, but I also feel like Anna Kendrick should be more famous than she is and Trolls 2 is not going to help. Like, she is very likable and so talented and she has an Oscar nomination; she should be getting Shailene Woodley-level work (who, interestingly, like Anna, reached the A-list via a George Clooney vehicle). This all ties into my theory that everyone who was locked into Pitch Perfect sequels should have locked themselves out of them if possible; the original movie was a huge hit and highly enjoyable, and making it was a smart move, but at a certain point, it’s not good for your career as a serious actress to be making a third movie about an a capella group. It’s not moving your career forward and filming it and promoting it is going to suck up time that you need to do other projects. NO DISRESPECT TO A CAPELLA. But I also think being in Pitch Perfect 2 was bad for Hailee Steinfeld, and I ALSO think Rebel Wilson should be more famous. Yes, okay, fine, I am worried that the Pitch Perfect sequels are cursed. I’ve finally said it. And I am worried that this dress is part of the curse!

[Photo: Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock]