Jennifer Aniston has, like an X-Wing in the Death Star corridor, switched all power to front deflector screens.

That looks like it was soldered to her from a mechanic’s junkyard. But it’s also, to me, HILARIOUS. She’s been nagged about pregnancy rumors, she’s cheerfully noted that she just gained a couple pounds that everyone assumed was a baby, and she’s endured a hundred magazine covers about the state of her ring finger, her uterus, and her mind grapes. Strapping a giant wheel well to her womb is a very amusing way to screw with everyone. I hope it was intentional. Well, obviously I hope the appliance itself was intentional, as I don’t wish upon ANYONE the fate of being squeezed into Darth Cummerbund against her will. But mostly I hope the Up Yours of it all was on purpose. I’ve decided it is.

[Photo: WENN]