I wish I could have been present for the conversation that surely occurred between Pamela Anderson and the folks at PETA prior to this event.

Pamela Anderson at PETA photocall in London

[Photo: Splash News]

I imagine it went something like this:

PETA: Okay, Pammy, please don’t take this the wrong way, but we’re thinking, for this particular event, that you should NOT wear men’s white briefs as pants.

PAM: Really!?!

PETA: Yes. You see, we’re really seeing you in something…more outfit-y. Like, say, a cute shirt dress with a ribbon belt!

PAM; That sounds unusually preppy for me.

PETA: Well, you know, preppy is back.

PAM: It is?

PETA: Sure. And you can’t spell “preppy” without…well, P. Several Ps. Same with Pamela! And PETA! Can’t you just see the headline in the Daily Mail now? “Pammy goes prepster for PETA”? It will be such a NICE CHANGE from….you know, all the endless nudity.

PAM: But you make me go naked in all your ads. I’m just trying to stick to your brand message.

PETA: Well…RIGHT. But….it’s….distracting! Yes! Distracting. It’s much too distracting. We LOVE the idea of REAL CLOTHES when you’re NOT posing naked. After all, a girl can’t pose naked ALL the time. I mean, you’d get cold, for one thing! It’s October! In London! Chilly! You ar least need, um, sleeves.

PAM: Okay. But can I unbutton the thing one more button than would generally be appropriate? You’ve got to give me something here.

PETA; It’s a DEAL.