Damn, Tyra. Sanity looks good on you.

I mean, the hair looks like you just went surfing, and if I pull on your earrings a butler might appear to take my coat and offer me a spritzer. But beyond that, La Banks looks better than she has in a while — it’s kinda romantic, rather than wackadoo. Which makes sense, since she was on a date. Speaking of…

Do you ever wonder if the esteemed Mr.  Utendahl has read Modelland? I believe I described it on Twitter as Harry Potter + Pan’s Labyrinth + Top Model + LSD + boarding school + awkward. (There are parts that are actually kind of disturbing, next to parts where every single thing is a pun, next to stuff that reads like ANTM on steroids, next to parts where the main character Tookie De La Creme — !! — has a brooch that is exactly like Hermione Granger’s little gold bag that hides everything without getting heavy or expanding in size.) Full marks to her, because she did not half-ass it — this thing is ooooooozing with details (and yes, I do think she wrote it or at least had a massive hand in it; it is unmistakably Banksian). But when I saw this photo, I imagined her beau reading it in bed at night, frowning, wondering if he should report Tyra to any medical authorities, or find a way to check just her imagination into rehab.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Getty]