We live in a crazy, mixed-up world, and it is a relief to me on a personal level that at least I can always count on Tracee Ellis Ross to show up places looking awesome and glamorous:

The unspoken theme of this year’s WHCD does seem to be Unusual Deployment of Illusion Netting — of which, you know, I am generally not a fan — but I’m going to allow it here on the grounds that any right-thinking woman would agree that the White House is not the place to risk a wayward boob. I’m a little surprised TER didn’t go for her usual fab red lip, but given that this is clearly supposed to be an Elegant Disco Look (one of my personal favorite genres), I get the paler lipstick choice. All that means is that instead of cornering her in the ladies’ room to ask about her lipstick at this event, I would be cornering her to demand details about her clutch and earrings. You’ll never escape my crush on you, TER!!!

[Photo: Getty Images]