First and foremost: The marriage of Taylor Swift and Victoria’s Secret feels so natural, now that I think about it. Sure, they sell underwear and she’s Taylor Swift, who never, THANK YOU JESUS, has been known for flashing us hers. But Taylor Swift’s fans are TOTALLY shopping at Victoria’s Secret. They are wearing cute Pink brand undies right NOW. That’s not a diss — I own plenty of Victoria’s Secret knickers myself — but it is a fact. The VS/TS demographic overlap must be huge. So it’s good news that she looked totally cute headlining their fashion show last night.

PS: As I will note in the post about the show itself (up next), as you might imagine, there are some women in bizarre underwear configurations inside this here slideshow, so if you’re at work….call everyone over to your desk? I don’t know your office.

[Photos: Getty]