This isn’t even a facetious one, nor a so-weird-it’s-wonderful designation. I just think she looks groovy.

Classy, cool, sparkly, sexy, long, and lean. Mystique: Reaffirmed. I now think that the movie of her life, SWINTON, should be done like that Bob Dylan flick where a bunch of different people play the role: Conan O’Brien, Joanna Coles, Coco Rocha, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Jared Leto, SNL’s Kate McKinnon, Meryl Streep because it’s a biopic and she needs to fill her biannual quota, and Justin Bieber for the headlines. And then it will be revealed that NONE of them are in the movie at all, and the whole time it was SWINTON playing them playing her, and the legend will grow.

[Photo: WENN]