I know that a portion of you are going to think I have totally lost the plot, but listen: I love this on her.

I fully realize this will be controversial. Yes, it is bonkers. But it is also colorful and fun, and she’s twenty-one years old, which is the absolute best time to dress like a colorful eccentric. When you are twenty-one, Colorful Eccentric plays charmingly with a minimum of effort. (Whereas, TO MY GREAT SADNESS, when you get older, you have to be more careful that you look intentionally eccentric — like, curated eccentric — and not just like you have been living with a low-level gas leak for six weeks. Unless, of course, I suppose, Living With A Low Level Gas Leak is your personal style, in which case, you do you.) The shoes are likewise great. In fact, my only note is that I don’t think she needed that necklace. This dress is so over the top, you basically are a necklace.  But given that this is the first film awards of 2016, I hope she’s begun as she means to go on.

You also need to see her coat:


[Photo: Fame/Flynet]