Excerpts from the Letterman Dumpster’s Twitter feed:

“@mindykaling Yow, girl, you are foxy. I want to Kelly Kapoor some sugar on YOU.”

“@mindykaling It’s raining, it’s Kapooring, the old man is ADORING. WHAT. #ImAPoet”

“@kanyewest No but srsly what did happen with your antique fish tank? #AntiqueJunkTank #Holla”

“@mindykaling You’re ringing my Kapoorbell, girl. #WhatNoLove4TheDumpstizzle”

“WTF!!! Also learn your silent Bs, Philistine. RT @SubwaySodaMachine lol dude shes got a new show ur so dum”

“@mindykaling OMG some dude said you’re not even on The Office anymore. #RedFace #EveryoneRecyclesMagazinesNow”

“@EW Can a Dumpster get some love up in here? A business rate on subscriptions maybe? I can pay cash. In quarters.”

“@mindykaling I’m so sorry. I wrote you a haiku: Mindy, my Project // Is to genuflect to you // Once I learn to bow”

“@mindykaling Dumpsters don’t have joints // Guess I can’t curtsy either // Want half a Reuben?”

“@justinbieber I am a BELIEBER in you hiring a new barber. #Zing”

“@mindykaling Pls don’t avoid me because of this.”

“@mindykaling You haven’t even LOOKED at me. I just want to bask in your glow. #SadMetalBox”

“@BarackObama You seem like a hip guy. Can you put in a good word? #YepICanVote #JustSaying”

“@mindykaling I’m just a box, standing somewhere behind a girl, asking her to love me (or give me a copy of her pilot). #RottingHill”

“@mindykaling O SNAP someone just threw out their iPhone. This will never happen again. Victory will be mine. #ClearEyesFullHeartsCantOoze”

[Photos: WENN]