The words we used most often to refer to Mia Wasikowska were “dreary” and “almost.” Well, and “WHY,” probably. We can eliminate a couple of those now:

This fits very well and is lovely on her — not at all depressing, and in a way it reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence’s simple red Oscars gown from the Winter’s Bone days. Mia’s obviously isn’t as va-va-voom, but definitely a situation where she is wearing it and not the other way around. But you could still argue that it’s an “almost”: She’s in need of better lip color, and of course, NAB (“needs a bracelet” — I am never sure how many uses means we no longer need to define the acronym). But overall this is a good step, for her, I think, and as a result, her whole mien is cheerier than usual.

Then again, maybe that’s because of this:

Pretty dreary work having to walk around next to Hiddleston all day, eh? Of course, she COULD have straightened his tie. DEMERIT. ACCEPT ANY EXCUSE TO TWIDDLE THE HIDDLE.

[Photos: Getty]