First of all — and this is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE — I need lipstick details immediately. Melissa, email me. I need this on my face.

As for the rest:

I was firing up the old “what, is she in a cult??” joke — probably including a deep-dive Kimmy Schmidt crack of some sort, as I’ve been rewatching in preparation for season two. (Btw, you don’t know cognitive dissonance until you’re recapping The People vs OJ Simpson and watching Kimmy at the same time. HOW DARE YOU MAKE A JOKE OF MARCIA AND CHRIS’S POWERFUL, SENSITIVE LOVE, TINA FEY! I have notes.) And then I realized that I actually like this on her. She looks vaguely as if she’s welcoming us to her third wedding (this one’s nice, but it is in her backyard), but in a radiant, not regrettable way.

And here’s to the groom:

[Photo: Getty]