Lupita looked radiant, and this color of green is always my favorite.

That is a great spin on a peplum. It doesn’t feel perfunctory when it’s beautifully folded and stitched like that, and it accentuates her waist in an extremely flattering way. She looks wonderful. I am also only slightly embarrassed to admit that after the show, Jessica and I connected that both she and Jared Leto were present, and wondered anew if the two of them ever consummated what was clearly his great admiration for her physical form. Is it wrong that we hope so? Because, we concluded, we REALLY REALLY hope so. If banging your hot fellow actors is not a happy and mutually satisfactory consequence of working in Hollywood (and thus, probably, only rarely getting to celebrate sandwiches in the way that I like to), then well, I would be sad about that. I realize there are more important issues in the world, but, you know, I just want everyone to de-stress in the most fulfilling way possible, and if that way involves Jordan Catalano’s eyes and some LEANING… then yes.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]