She’s at the premiere of a movie called Frozen, and a couple people did show up bundled up, but I prefer Kristen’s approach:

This is cute on her, and well-suited to a kids’ movie while also being elegant. And, if we’re going with the frozen theme, it’s ice-skater adjacent without requiring me to reconfirm that I know how to spell “salchow,” or put out a call for Scott Hamilton to commentate. Also, I almost typed “Scott Thompson,” which is the guy from Kids In The Hall, and for the record I WOULD be okay with HIM popping by for a play-by-play. Maybe he could pretend to BE Scott Hamilton. Maybe we need a full Greek Chorus of non-Hamilton Scotts, like Scott Speedman and Scott Porter and Scott Foley, and Scottie Pippen, and Adam Scott, directed by Ridley Scott, sponsored by Scott paper products and Scottrade.  And… you know what, thank God it’s the end of the posting day, because something in my head is clearly on the fritz.

[Photo: Getty]