Aw. MEMORIES. This is the first time in a while Katie Holmes reminds me of the Katie Holmes of yore, back when she was a cute starlet and not Mrs. Cruise, Preternaturally Shiny Object of Couch-Hopping Lust.

Jessica and I couldn’t muster too much more for this than, “It seems sort of all right… right?” Although why she was at a Women In Film ceremony — at which she appeared to be accepting an award — is a bit of a mystery, considering Mad Money was a messy flop and she was booted out of the Batman franchise. Still, she is a woman who has been on film. So that’s technically all you need. Well, that, and a frock that doesn’t make people’s souls quit. I mean, remember when she was running around town in Tom’s jeans? Thank God she stopped trying to make that happen. I feared we were thisclose to Kitson selling a denim line called Jeans That Tom Wore that were ACTUAL pre-owned pants of his.

But the main reason we wanted to feature her is to stir the pot. Because guess who else was there?

HELLO, Andie McPhee. You look lovely in orange. Strangely, Katie Holmes took photos with a lot of people — Elle Fanning, fellow Scientologist (well, Katie might not technically be one, but she’s as-good-as) Jenna Elfman, some other random lady — but we could not find one in which she posed with Meredith Monroe here. Despite the fact that they were co-stars, and ostensibly that’s the reason Meredith would’ve been at this event in the first place, so surely they’re… friends? What’s the deal with no pics, Holmes? Are you trying to pretend Dawson’s Creek never happened? Because I’ve got news for you, kiddo: IT DID.  The Internet says so.