I miss Jennifer Garner. I mean, I know she hasn’t gone anywhere, what with Vanity Fair and Capital One and tearjerker movies with omnipresent commercials that kinda seem like Hallmark Channel joints. She’s very much AROUND, but I still miss her, because let’s face it: I want her to find her next Alias.

I mean, she’s never looked better, and she’s getting a little experimental with her clothes now that she’s split from Affleck — even her Ferrying the Children Around Los Angeles clothes now occasionally include dresses and heels — and her hair is PARTICULARLY fantastic. I know the fact that this pattern is not exactly centered will distract some people, and I understand that, and I also wouldn’t disagree with an analysis of whether that skirt ruffle needs to be there. But in all, I’m happy. There’s personality here. Garner gets dinged a lot for being milquetoast in appeal, and this has spice. I’m feeling it.

And I really do think she should try to come back to TV (on something that isn’t a commercial). Something unusual and cool. I joke that Fargo is always my pitch for celebrities who need to break their mold and do something critically acclaimed that will probably snag them an Emmy, but seriously: She could totally do a weirdo period piece like Fargo and be awesome. Or any number of other things more inventive than Criminal Minds: Traumatic Heinous Death Murder, or whatever. Come back to us, Jennifer! Bring us that hair on the regular.

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