This is a surprisingly sexy look for Michelle, who doesn’t usually go for slinky. I can’t decided if I think she’s carrying it or not. Let’s look at the fabric first, though:

Sidebar: I kinda forgot that she’d grown her hair out for a while and is now back to the pixie, simply because she has this pixie in my head 100% of the time. She might as well just leave it this way constantly, because this is how we all picture her anyway. ANYHOODLE, I love this fabric, grommets and all. It’s glamorously industrial and very slightly weird and I think it’s really great.

Here’s the whole look:

The dress looks like a Klimt painting and I think it’s gorgeous, but I don’t know if she’s got the red carpet pizzazz to totally sell it. She’s often sort of subdued at photo shoots, and in a sense, I wonder if it’s more logical to dress her in clothing that doesn’t demand so much attention. She’s obviously going to get attention no matter what, but this is a LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!! dress and I’m not sure if Michelle Williams has a LOOK AT ME!!!!!! personality, and thus it might slightly feel as if it’s wearing her. What do you think? Honest question — I’m not sure if I’ve cracked this one or not.

[Photos: Getty]