It’s so endearing to me how much Heidi Klum loves Halloween, and I really love that she often abandons all vanity — well, as much as one can, when one’s ooky costume does still usually involve a skintight catsuit and/or boobs — in service of going as something creepy. Here she’s some cross between a cadaver, a medical textbook, and that Body Worlds exhibit that’s all preserved human body parts (and whose inventor was German, like Heidi, so perhaps she was paying tribute). I really think Project Runway needs to do this as a challenge sometime: Come up with a crazy-freaky Halloween costume that Heidi Klum can wear with incredibly tall shes, so that you simultaneously applaud her willingness to be hideous and still acknowledge that she is one tall freaking supermodel. They’ll have two days and a budget of $200 at Aahs. LET’S START THE SHOW.

[Photos: WENN]