Three lucky poets are going to receive a copy of the macabre Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer, which reimagines the story of Serena and Blair as if they were serial murderers (seriously, Serena’s first chapter makes no bones about her being a casual lunatic — a dude’s head might have ended up on top of a snowman, and yet no, that’s not really a spoiler).

As a review, I asked you to consider this photo (which people have suggested is Aaron Johnson growing out his hair not for Savages, but Anna Karenina, which I did not notice on his IMDb page until too late) and write an acrostic poem about it whose coded message is something scary.

[Photo: Flynet]

Your three winners are:

So on the eve of All Hallows
Now we have to ponder this:
On a rather handsome man,
What hideousness sits atop his lips
Is it a Guy Fawkes tribute?
No, it cannot be.
Of course it could be a sexy tool.
Clearly a stache this waxy and wiry,
To his wife, might an aphrodisiac be.
Oh, to have one’s cobwebs cleaned,
By something so itchy and scary.
Every one, I suppose, deserves a Halloween treat.
Remember, though, to make mine not so hairy.
2) Kathleen – TIGHTS ARE PANTS
The suspect
Is never
Going to
Hand himself over
To the authorities,
So we must call for help.
Aaron Johnson is a
Really avid Sherlock Holmes fan. He
Even grew a mustache to get into character.
Perchance he could help?
Anything is possilbe to a man with
Nice hair like his.
This case will be closed as
Soon as he finds his pipe.
3) NumberSix – DEATH BY ENNUI
Dear children, a mystery to ponder:
Enter our protagonist,
Aspiring Evil Villain,
Too glassy-eyed to realize
His face-fur is more suited to a
Brothel patron on leave from
Ye olde general store.
Elder brother Snidely
Nabs all the supervillain glory,
Not-quite-so-Eeevil Smugly is too
Unconcerned to live.
Is apathy a killer?
Congrats! A creepy copy of Psycho Killer will wing its way to you soon.
Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and we promise we’ll keep the giveaways coming.