Evangeline Lilly here has a tough history of doing herself a variety of sartorial injustices, but I’m happy to note that justice was nicely served here:

It’s a little bridal, but it’s also very pretty, and perhaps distracting enough to prevent people from thinking to themselves, as they idly flip through a J Crew catalog and watch TV, “holy shit, how are they still making movies of The Hobbit?!?!!!!?!?” A marketing volley, of an underhanded and perhaps ineffective sort.

Evangeline has also been seem out and about in something that is basically 100% the opposite:

She has a new children’s book out — it’s called The Squickerwonkers — and this is SURELY an outfit based on something one of her characters wears, right? (I can’t tell from the photos of the illustrations on Amazon.) But…right? Right! RIGHT. Right? (I really just want someone to tell me if this is true or not, so I can cross it off of my list of Things To Worry About. Dressing like a character in your children’s book for a book event presumably aimed at said is totally cute and fun. Dressing like this as a matter of course…would require maybe a few more words. On the other hand, maybe if you’re a Habitually Goofy Dresser, telling people that you’re ACTUALLY in costume as a character in your children’s book is ALSO a good way to shut up naysayers. Even if it is a lie.)

[Photos: AKM/GSI]