This is insanely simple, but so is a plain, grilled medium-rare filet, and I’m not sending THAT back to the restaurant kitchen.

A long white t-shirt is, I think, deceptively advanced science. It’s HARD to walk around in that without people crying Hanes on you. But it’s brilliantly fitted, it’s absurdly flattering, and she’s accessorized it smartly. Typically we squawk about needing bracelets, but the makeup and earrings and giant ring are so good that I just don’t miss anything else.

Further, she is apparently an expert rigger:

By which I mean, that gently sexy open back means she isn’t wearing a bra, so whatever assistance she’s using to keep things so seamlessly wrangled is A-grade. Please publish a manual, Elizabeth. So many people could benefit from your teachings.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]