Brie and Jacob Tremblay are in Japan promoting Room, which just came out over there. Spoiler, Japan: Room is good, and Brie is great in it.

She’s also doing a lot to sell me on this Rodarte.

Well, Jacob is helping. He’s darling in his kicky red suit, and the smile he’s giving that gift basket of… balloon ovaries? … is so funny to me. Everyone loves a present, even if they’re not entirely sure what it is.

Likewise, Rodarte is something of which I am never sure, because it so often feels like sloppy disparate choices baked together into a hellmuffin. And yet this PARTICULAR one really gels for me. Maybe they’ve found the right recipe.

This is Valentino, and it’s similarly funky:

'Room' Press Conference In Japan

I MIGHT have liked it better sleeveless? But then, that pattern is so swirly and dramatic, it deserves an extra crowning touch. It all feels like a really, really decadent acid trip. Like, this is what Emily Valentine THOUGHT she was going to experience with Brandon when she bought the U4EA, before she realized that Brandon Walsh couldn’t lead a girl to glitter if you handed him the address to the nearest Michael’s.

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