And here it is! If we had trumpets, we would play them. Perhaps we’ll settle for a rolled-up sheet of printer paper.

You should be seeing the new Go Fug Yourself, and if you missed our post this morning alerting you that change was afoot, here it is. Do not be scared. Let the new site love you. It won’t hurt a bit.

You’ll notice a search bar in the masthead, as well as social media links (which are also present on each post, for your re-tweeting or Facebooking or Whatevering pleasure). Also up there: A master “Awards & Galas” bin of all our fugs from, well, awards shows and galas, plus a link to all the pieces we’ve tagged as especially “WTF.” You probably get the idea behind “Candids,” and “Photos” is where you’ll find any piece that includes a slideshow (right now, we’ve got retrospectives of the Globes, SAGs, Grammys, Oscars, and Emmys, but more will come).

The “trending” bar up there covers general topics and people who are in the news or whatnot, whereas “Hot Right Now” spotlights specific entries in that vein. Over on the sidebar, “Featured Fuggers” focuses on a couple of our favorite celebrity archives, but if you click on “More Fuggers,” you’ll get the complete lot of them (remember that ugly long list of names on our old site, which was hideous but useful? This is like that, but with photos; check out the one for Speidi, because it’s hilarious).

The “Well Played” module on our new sidebar reminds you all that we don’t hate EVERYTHING we see, and below that is a three-pronged box that shows you our latest “Fug or Fab” and “Unfug It Up” posts, as well as alerting you to the posts that are getting the most comments (and thus are full of lively discussions that you should go visit).

There are big links at the bottom of the homepage to our older stuff, if you want to go backwards page by page, and also more links to popular stories and other category archives we have (“accessories to the crime,” for instance, or “Man Fugs”). And each individual post’s page will, in the footer, point you to related entries.

See? We’re not really rocking the boat; we’re just adding stuff you’ve probably seen other places and thought, “Why doesn’t GFY do that?!?” Well, now we do, and we’re always thinking about other little tweaks and possible refinements, so please stick with us as we iron out all the bugs.

Thanks for your patience, and welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay — or rather, enjoy, and stay.

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