As you may know, I am single and I have gone on many a date in my lifetime and I am not alone in this. The best part of dating — other than possibly, you know, meeting someone awesome and falling madly in love and getting to stop going on dates — is that, if nothing else, it will give you a lifetime of stories with which to horrify, amuse, and entertain your friends (and, occasionally, the people with whom you are currently on a date). Bring me the story of your weirdest date, Fug Nation. I’ll start — and there are so many; I am surely forgetting whichever one is Heather’s favorite. Ahem: I once went out with a dude who told me that he didn’t have a refrigerator because it was, and I quote, “too loud next to [his] head.” Which…look, this was a hundred years ago. AND I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS. (Eventually, I’ll tell you about Pathological Toupee Guy, or Mr Master Cleanse, who at least we got to work into The Royal We. Oh, also, Obsessive Tom Brady Dude, who we also used in the book. Oh my god, am I the Taylor Swift of throwaway book mentions?!)

Your turn!