When this first made its appearance, Jessica was torn between “funky” and “accessorized with fancy electrical tape.” I went on a similar journey when I rediscovered it last night. First, I thought, “Why did we even put this to a vote? It’s so cool!” And then I realized it does look as if someone stuck a very long strip of decorative orange adhesive to her right boob. A dive into the Mugler Resort 2016 show reveals that, at least on the model, the ribbon twists there but does go all the way up and so Naomie’s hair might just be sitting on top of it. I wish we could have her toss it behind her shoulder for a second to see if it makes more sense with a view of the whole thing. But after that first peak and the brief valley, I think I’m hiking back up Mount Yes with this. Perhaps it’s because Mugler is now such a naked, netted cringe-a-thon that this feels refreshing and only lightly mischievous. Regardless: Let’s vote again, for the decisive answer.

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