Wednesday jacked up our appetite for coat content, so LET’S KEEP SNACKING, also because coats are really all anyone is wearing right now on account of the temperatures. Hilary Duff — who I gather is pregnant again? I hope Younger has her carrying around a LOT of suspicious objects — looks very Fashion Cute in her outfit here. I’m not a headband person. I wore my last one when I was 10, and I don’t miss them. But it’s very in keeping with Younger’s aesthetic and her character’s, and the zingy red boots and divine bag sell the whole thing. Molly Bernard’s plaid coat, though, is the star. Her scarf looks like she missed the return date for a too-small sweater and decided to repurpose it, but the pink and green plaid is so cheerful. Do we need to do a coats shopping post next week? No we don’t. But… yes we do.

[Photo: Shutterstock]