This is admittedly not the greatest Julie Andrews photo, but I was being completist and it showed us the entirety of her ensemble from an angle that was not ALSO right up her nose. She was receiving the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for being, well, Julie Andrews, and I love that she showed up in something simultaneously dressy and practical.

Film Festival 2019 Lifetime Achievement Julie Andrews, Venice, Italy - 02 Sep 2019

Also, of course Julie Andrews is holding up this statue to admire its beauty, and coo gratefully and graciously over it, as if she cannot believe anyone has handed her something this astonishing. Julie Andrews, at least as she exists in my head, is never anything less than 127% thankful for even the smallest kindness, and will hold anything — baked goods, statuettes, your chin and cheeks — in her hands while telling the world what a marvel it is. But IT IS YOU WHO ARE THE MARVEL, JULIE. She got a ten-minute standing ovation at this party and that seems TOO SHORT for my taste. I don’t get emotional about celebrities in a real way very often, but when I think about what happened to her singing voice, and what a jewel it was, and how cruelly that jewel was taken from her… well. I can’t. I’m going to go watch her escape the Nazis again

[Photos: Shutterstock]