I had to double-check what press tour this was, and yes, it was for Enchanted — and context counts, so maybe this dress was just fine after all. It looks like she picked it for all the little kids out there who love princesses and want a giant frilly pink canopy bed and matching outfits for their dolls and a frilly Kleenex box cover to boot. And that makes sense. But… it’s still just fine, at best, and I think it’s because it actually LOOKS like a handmade gown that came from tissue paper. If you told me she was walking in a bridal fashion show but wearing the chair covers, I’d believe that, too. Was it designed based on someone’s grandmother’s lucky garter? Sold! So while it’s… you know, fine, sure, for me it barks up the wrong twee.

[Photo: Getty]
Tags: 2007, Amy Adams