And actually I just read that Kensington Palace has confirmed that it IS her last engagement, so this seems like the right time to place our bets about baby names. You’re going to be SO SMUG when you get it right! I’ve been saying for ages (like…these were also my guesses for the baby who turned out to be Charlotte) that it’s going to be Alice for a girl, and Arthur for a boy.

In other news, Kate’s coat is a trusty soldier from her closet (I know we’re all sad she didn’t pull out that Dalmatian print number she’s got), her shirt is by Hobbes (and I don’t think it’s a maternity shirt, looking at its page at Bloomingdales? She must have just bought a larger size than usual. PSA: Hobbes also makes a dress in this material and it’s very cute), and I like to think she decided, “damnit, Meghan wears pants all the time AND SO SHALL I UPON THIS DAY.”

They did a bunch of stuff today. My favorite MAYBE is how SERIOUSLY Kate seems to be listening to what is essentially a pub trivia game. I like the idea that Kate takes trivia seriously and hosts a REAL INTENSE game night at KP every month. Last month, Princess Anne and Sophie Wessex were teamed up and nearly came to blows after an argument about the World’s Fair.

I also enjoyed William’s mastery of the free throw (it IS March Madness after all):

This is a nice thing:

This is so cute. Kate is really charming with these little kids.



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