I didn’t expect this and it’s such a pleasant surprise; this cover feels so warm and elegant and direct. She is always stunning — she has such a great face — and her eyes really connect here.

The profile is kind of amazing; Chioma Nnadi went to Ghana to interview Michaela and part of said interview was done on Rollerblades. I am having writerly anxiety hives just thinking about the number of ways my attempt to interview and Rollerblade at the same time could go wrong and destroy my recording equipment/my life/possibly also accidentally injure Michaela herself. It honestly makes for a great profile. As ever, Vogue only allows us to excerpt 100 words — again, this is correct! Get people to read it on your actual site! — but I really recommend giving it a whirl. It’s a very compelling, really well-written piece. (Can we all just thank God that Vogue has finally stopped sending out Just That One Guy to profile every woman on the cover?) Here’s a taste:

“There was the assumption that, okay, so now I May Destroy You has happened, you’ve got this window and you have to capitalize on it. And when I hear that, it sounds like the root is fear, because the assumption is the window is going to close. And I don’t feel comfortable making decisions based on fear,” she says. Instead, she did what felt right at the time: She took a break, traveled to Iceland, one of the few places that wasn’t in lockdown, hired a car, found an Airbnb, googled the top 20 scenic places in the country, and visited each one.

The pics are also really cool. I think this easily also could have been the cover:

Michaela Coel Vogue November

So striking.

Vogue’s November 2022 issue is available on newsstands nationwide on October 18th.

[Writer: Chioma Nnadi; Photographer: Malick Bodian; Fashion Editor: Ib Kamara; Hair: Virginie Moreira; Makeup: Bernicia Boaten.]
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