In rooting around Wikipedia, I found that in early 2022, SWINTON said she’d suffered considerably from Long Covid and was considering quitting acting to become a palliative caregiver — partly related, perhaps, but she also cited experiences during the AIDS crisis and with her parents’ health. All I can say is… listen, we’d miss her in this career, but can you imagine how delightful it would be during your hours of need to have SWINTON in your corner? She would have the best stories, the most entertaining outfits, and probably a delightfully dark wit. I support this for her, and by extension all of her theoretical future patients. But, I’m also glad to see that she herself has passed through the worst of the Long Covid — she primarily had vertigo, a cough, and energy and memory issues, she said — and is able to work at her current craft. By which I mean, acting, and also looking As Cool As F*ck. I love this delicious pastry roll of a hairdo, I love the suit, I love the stripes, I love the tie, I love the pink lip. Nobody does it better.

[Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock]