Well, now we know why none of them were at Fashion Week yesterday.

I guess I’ll allow it.  They all look so lovely. Sadly for her, McKayla is the one whose outfit is the least — wait for it — impressive. (Actually, I keep thinking someone’s going to stick her in a corner until a Swayze lookalike scolds them for it.)  But it’s so fun to see them all wearing heels — can you imagine Gabby Douglas next to, say, Dwight Howard? I hope they got a photo together with her in bare feet — and spruced up in stuff that doesn’t necessarily involve shiny spandex and hair glitter and whatnot. I hope they’re able to stop for five minutes at these things, look around, and drink it all in, because otherwise they’re going to wake up in six months and go, “Wait… hang on, what all did we do again?”

[Photos: Getty]

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