Katy Perry and I are making the exact same underwhelmed face right now:

“Maybe I should have worn something less transparent this time,” she seems to be thinking. “Also, why does this have a giant leather bow on it? Also, why is it so haphazardly mosaic, like the bottom of a half-finished pool? Also, if I stare at this long enough, why do I keep seeing a deflated Mickey Mouse in it? Is that the universe mocking me for never having made The Mickey Mouse Club? I tried, Universe. I would have been amazing dancing with a tiny Justin Timberlake. Or even a larger Justin Timberlake. Maybe I should call Justin Timberlake. That Biel thing is never going to happen, no matter how much white she wears. Shoot. Maybe I should have worn white. I am just going to go home and start over.”

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