A lot of snappily dressed men and women are having to promote things that may or may not be visible in your area — yes, Tenet is finally coming out for some people, and no, I still don’t care about it — and so I thought I’d round up some of what Stylist Instagram is showing off right now. Spoiler: It starts off very well with Dan Levy.

That might be the most I’ve ever liked Prada. Sadly, this is not the most I’ve ever liked Rosie Assoulin:

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@gabunion @rosie_assoulin

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Between the sheers and the explorer who marked latitude by her nipples, it might actually be pretty close to the least I’ve ever liked Rosie Assoulin.

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So happy to be back at work. All safely

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Yes, ABSOLUTELY increase the number of things that might drop into the toilet or graze the bathroom floor while you’re in there.

Welcome back, Ciara, who had a baby like two or three weeks before this photo was taken?!?

I should say, news of the baby’s birth broke on July 24, but maybe they hung onto it for a bit, I don’t know. Anyway, this is Pyer Moss, and she looks great in it, like the coolest astronaut ever.

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Emmy nominated #leahremini the new normal #virtualpress

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I would not have put the shoes on the left with that particular dress, but it’s summery and fun on her. The pantsuit, I like way more than I expected, given that it’s… tube-top-forward.

Oh, Cardi:

When I saw this, I thought of John Candy in Spaceballs, dropping the bag he was carrying in his teeth and snarling, “It’s Her Royal Highness’s matched luggage.”

And when I saw THIS, I thought, “Man, Rapunzel’s captor gave her a LOT of bandannas to play with.”

Behold here, a handsome man in a handsome sweater:

John David Washington is in Tenet, the movie whose saga of “will it/won’t it be released this year” started playing out right when the pandemic hit. I’ve seen some cranky review headlines — my favorite one called it “a loud, oppressive math exam” — but it’s full of people we like, such as John David here, and Elizabeth Debicki, and that enigma known as Robert Pattison, and Michael Caine (I hope he is still cool; my dad looked like him), and… former New Your Ranger Sean Avery? Okay. Anyhoo, I suspect it will be full of itself, but hope for their sakes it is not (or is, but in a fun way).

I think all of this shrank when they laundered it for him.

That shirt is COOL, though. Very unexpected. I keep expecting to see that it’s actually a pink vest. He pulls that off with handsome aplomb.