This week, on As The Pandemic Turns

Hotshot businesswoman Eve Harley threw a launch party for her new line of child-size leather moto jackets:

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Earning my stripes

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Spurned influencer Floella Decor took a baseball bat to her wrapping room, then pretended she’s just renovating:

Florist Bumble Lee got a purse bouquet from rival shop owner Thorne Tonsil, and wonders if this might be love:

Her sister, Countess Jeannie von Glockenspiel, bought a film studio and intends to direct a searing drama about The Great Peloton Wait List of 2020:

Local kindergarten teacher Mirabelle Glee wore a cute sweater and tried to make Zoom school fun:

Librarian Taylor Syntax won Instagram:

And long-lost Erica Kane love child Vanity Kane, crossing over from another soap, decided to freaking OWN IT, with “it” being a variety of things, including a villa:

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Walking to the mailbox like…

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