Venus Williams is playing in the Miami Open, and showed up in Superhero Mode for her first match. And I don’t just mean the mask:

Miami Open tennis tournament, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA - 23 Mar 2021

As it turns out, these are separates from Venus’s Wonder Woman collection — she runs a sportswear company, EleVen — and I have never wished more fervently that I had worked to defy my own athletic capabilities and become a great tennis player. Would it be weird if I impulse-purchased this just to do Orangetheory At Home in my basement? And more importantly, do I care? Who’s even looking? As long as I’m clear that I’m not an actual acrobat and my sweatbands aren’t bulletproof, then “Live like you are Wonder Woman” feels like a pretty solid motto.

[Photos: Shutterstock]