New couple alert:

This will obviously upset Justin Bieber’s apple cart, as he Instagrammed Internet photos of Selena in this dress along with schmoopy sentiments about what a goddess she is, because clearly he thinks they would still be a good idea even though the Greek chorus that is THE ENTIRE PLANET is screaming, “HOLSTER IT, TWERP.”

Let’s look at Selena’s gown without the accessory of one Mr. Bill Murray:

Usually with fancy necklines I tend to think the hair should be up, but if Selena had done that, this might’ve overwhelmed her — the hair actually adds some youth. The dress itself… Normally I would bitch and moan about The Sheers and such, but wow, the beadwork on that skirt is amazing. I wish the solid part were SLIGHTLY less micro, so that I could say, “Oh, just cut it off there and we’d have a hot minidress.” Lined all the way down, and maybe it’s too mature again. It’s a rare care where I might just leave it where it is and shrug my shoulders and say, “I definitely don’t hate it, so maybe live and let live.” I would suggest that I’m going soft, but I’m pretty sure the Analeigh Tipton post killed any fear of that.

What's your take on it?

  • Leave it alone -- it's lovely (32%, 1,198 Votes)
  • Leave it alone, but only because the adjustments might not actually work better (29%, 1,103 Votes)
  • Shorten it (9%, 345 Votes)
  • Line it (24%, 901 Votes)
  • SCRAP IT. (5%, 193 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,740

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[Photo: WENN]