Regina opted out of a big statement gown for the virtual DGAs, in favor of separates from what I called the Morose Horse Dior collection (many of you objected and pointed out that the horse is happy, but the whole thing had a glum vibe so I’m sticking with Morose Horse because I like how it sounds and also I’m lazy). I am extremely mixed on this. It’s very Fashion With A Capital F, thanks to the goofy sheer blouseĀ  that looks like it’s being censored by tweed — the kind of layering that you see on a runway and think, “Well, in the real world, you’d just skip the blouse, or only buy the pants.” But she pretty much wore the whole thing (and one clever touch: She styled her hair in a way that evokes the beret Dior used in the original photo). I do think this could have worked better without the blouse, but frankly, I am also not sold on the bunchy mega-high-waist trousers. They remind me of my old ski pants, which for some reason practically came up to my armpits and dug into me every time I sat down. Regina is doing what she can with it, but for me I think it’s a fashion experiment I would not repeat.

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[Photo: James Anthony via Dior]