The Morose Horse sounds like the name of a really terrible pub somewhere in the English countryside. It is also an actor in this Dior photoshoot, which is heavily styled to evoke Renaissance era fashions and also — yes — tarot cards, per Vogue:

“[Christian Dior] discovered tarot in the Second World War, when his sister Catherine, who was part of the French Resistance, disappeared,” [designer Maria Grazia] Chiuri explained. “In my view, I think he was so scared about her situation that he probably went to the tarot cards to try to know some more, to hope that she would come back. I think he was very worried; trying to find hope in some signs.”

That poignant, little-known House of Dior foundational story is about to be revealed when a book about the life of Catherine Dior by Justine Picardie is published in the fall. Chiuri accompanied the author in the research, uncovering the harrowing story of Catherine’s imprisonment in the Ravensbrück women’s concentration camp; how she consoled herself with a love of gardening when she was liberated, and how she inspired her brother to weave flowers and femininity into his work ever after.

That Catherine Dior book sounds very interesting. And will probably be the role of a lifetime for some lucky actress when the pandemic ends. Each of these photos does not necessarily represent the Major Arcana, but Dior released a truly wackadoo movie with the pictures that’s about a woman having a Tarot reading and then getting sucked into meeting people from the deck, or… something?


[Photos: Imaxtree]