I am a real sucker for this movie, and for Maid In Manhattan — two movies that I think are objectively not great, but really work as rom-coms you can put on in the background while you’re doing a puzzle or playing Good Job on the Switch or working or knitting, or otherwise noodling. (Maid In Manhattan in particular is a real parade of Wait, THIS Person Is In This Movie? Like, Bob Hoskins, what are you doing there?!? I guess even Super Mario has to pay the rent.) J.Lo is charming in this, and Matthew McConaughey is, too, even though his character is your basic nightmare because he’s engaged to someone he is only lukewarm about and keeps giving J.Lo the tender eyes. But you’re also fine with it, because you know he won’t do that to HER when they inevitably end up together, because she’s freaking J.Lo. And the whole storyline where she decides to marry Justin Chambers as a way of giving up on life is bonkers for a LOT of reasons. He’s nice and so kind to her, and cute, and he didn’t deserve for her to pretend she wanted to marry him just because someone convinced her she HAD TO GET MARRIED, GOD FORBID YOU BE 30 AND NOT BE MARRIED, YOU EMPTY HUSK. I might be remembering it wrong, but I don’t think so.

Anyhoo, let us celebrate the union of J.Lo and Matty Mac, and wave at Pete Sampras and Dr. Alex Karev.

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