The phrase “Lucy Liu looked amazing” is evergreen, as we’ve learned, and so I could have just stopped the headline there. But I have no memory of this dress — it’s not in that retrospective post; where was it hiding?!? — and found it today by accident, as this telecast was exactly 21 years ago. It’s Versace, and I love its lines, and how all the shades of red come together. And yes, it served up some pizza…

2000 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

But it was subtle — it really depended heavily on the angle and the lighting. Yes, okay, that trace of a red seam is not ideal. But for the most part this is sexy and arresting, and creative in a way that fashion so often hasn’t been lately. A lot of sheer dresses feel like someone sketched a dress and then just cut out a part of it and replaced it with transparency, whereas this is woven in subtly. You have so much to look at that you don’t even necessarily SEE the pizza right away, when usually, the pizza delivery person kicks down your door and hurls the pizza right in your face. How’s THAT for a tortured metaphor?!?

Above all, though, this heavily underscores that we need more Lucy Liu in our lives. All the time. There is a dateless item on her IMDb page, Untitled Workplace Comedy, but we’re going to need something sooner than that please, Universe. Get moving.

[Photo: Getty]