What a bizarre BAFTAs: Frances McDormand’s no-show streak is unbroken, though so is her winless one — she took home the top prize, and Richard E. Grant cracked that “he had received a message from her ‘via carrier pigeon’ from ‘somewhere in the wilds of North America.'” Meanwhile, Anthony Hopkins also skipped out… but then pulled a surprise win over the late Chadwick Boseman; once he realized, he apparently turned up in the winners’ room and said he had been busy painting when he heard a celebration next door. There’s something really funny to me about him just not bothering and then being like, “Oh damn, what? Well, at least it’s just on a Zoom.”

And then this amazing speech happened:

I love how hard David Oyelowo laughs.

We have a couple outfits from Instagram, beginning with nominee Kosar Ali in McQueen:


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And awards-show hero Alan Kim casually popped up in Thom Browne:


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The fourth shot reunites you with his beloved dog. Alan Kim is here to make sure our hearts remain whole on this April Monday. Bless his.

[Photos: Shutterstock; Getty; Pedro Pascal by Getty via Prada; Bukky Bakray by Danny Kasirye for Prada; Kingsley Ben-Adir and Sope Dirisu by Jessie Lily Adams via Dior; Atticus Ross by Harry Eelman via Dior; Remi Weekes by Amber Grace Dixon via Dior]